China |  2021 | 96min | Second Feature | Sci-Fi

Director: ZHANG Chi

Screenwriter: ZHANG Chi

Producer: ZHANG Lingfeng

Editor: XU Chao

Cinematographer: FANG Yi

Art Director:  BO Peng

Sound: HUANG Sheren

Music: ZHAO Haohai

Starring:  WANG Ziyi, LIU Kejun







声音 : 黄社人 



About the film


The killers Ge and Song execute daily killing missions for their "Father" organization, and at the same time, Ge is often awakened by fragments of memories in his head during sleep. During a chase, a déjà vu scene causes Ge Jun's brain to fluctuate, and he realizes that these memory fragments have a significant connection to his past. Ge begins to trace his identity, but Song is also involved accidentally. The two of them realize the true nature of the "Father" organization and discover the truth about the evil "memory transplant" being carried out by the organization.

During the process, Ge gradually falls in love with the beautiful and cold Song, though he suspects her occasional abnormal behavior. Ge discovers that his memory has been modified and that all the people he killed along the way were his friends and family, and he is trapped in the abyss of pain woven for him long ago.

This film has a Cyberpunk aesthetic that portrays the landscapes of future China. Its fast-paced narrative and unique visual styles make it become a reflection of the endless desires in the post-modernity era. ANNULAR ECLIPSE includes elements from suspense, action, sci-fi, and romance films, but essentially it discusses the body-mind relationship through the concept of memory transportation. Living in another body with the original memory and living in the same body with no previous memory, in both cases, one could not survive without the other. But if my body or memory has changed, am I still me? Is it better to be deceived and live happily or find the truth and suffer?



Chi Zhang, graduated from Nottingham University majoring in International Communication. In 2014, he founded the Holy High Film Task Group and began his journey to create feature films. ANNULAR ECLIPSE is his second feature film.

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