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A Trophy on the sea


CHINA / 2018 / 90 MIN / DRAMA 

Director 导演 : 雎安奇 JU Anqi    Screenplay 编剧 :  雎安奇 JU Anqi  

Ju Anqi, a recognized filmmaker and leading conceptual artist, offers a hilarious and satirical portrayal of Chinese intellectuals, the middle-class and the film industry in his latest feature film A Trophy on the Sea.


The surreal story takes place after a frustrated actor unexpectedly wins a fishing championship, who later embarks on an adventurous journey of escape. The dramatic and the contingent complement each other. Fantasy and reality intersect in a contemplation of personal desire, loneliness, and existential anxiety. Adopting black-and-white and using a bantering tone, the film is a formalistic and idiosyncratic piece of work.

Ju Anqi’s debut film, A Strong Wind in Beijing (2000), was selected to the 50th Berlin International Film Festival, and later regarded as a milestone in Chinese experimental film. His recent film Poet on a Business Trip premiered at the 44th International Film Festival of Rotterdam where it won the Best Asian Film Award, and went on to take the Grand Prize at the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival, along with five other major international awards.

Pingyao International Film Festival

Fei Mu Awards · Best Actor

Fei Mu Awards · Special Mention

Youth Jury Award

21st_ JEONJU IFF.jpg
21th Jeonju International Film Festival

World Cinema

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