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Five Hundred Miles


China | Fantasy, Family, Comedy | 110min 

Director: SU Lun

Screenplay: SU Lun

Producer: CHEN Zhixi

Cinematography: Wencao Zhou

Cast: LEI Jiayin, ZHANG Xiaofei, ZHANG Youhao





主演:雷佳音 张小斐 张宥浩 沙溢 刘敏涛



A fantasy film about two men from contrasting age and social backgrounds who accidentally swap bodies and identities, leading to a humorous journey.

SU Lun

Born in Inner Mongolia, Su Lun is a Chinese director and writer.

Su studied engineering studies at China Agricultural University and then become a production assistant on Feng Xiaogang’s Big Shot’s Funeral (2001) and Cell Phone (2003). She entered the Central Academy of Drama in 2005, where she studied directing, before making a career in music videos and commercials. Her second feature film, How Long Will I Love U, was a box office success.

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