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Good Autumn, Mommy


China | Drama | 107min | Debut Feature

Director: CHEN Shizhong

Screenplay: CHEN Shizhong

Producer: DUN HE

Cinematography: Qi WU

Production Design: Shuai LI

Editor: Guangwei DU, LAN FEI

Sound: Danfeng LI

Music: Xiaoyouli, Xiaoshu REN

Cast: SHU Qi, BAI Ke, LANG Yueting, ZHANG Benyu





剪辑指导:杜光玮 蓝非


声音指导: 李丹枫

音乐:小柚狸 任小树

主演:舒淇 白客 郎月婷 张本煜



The story took place in a quiet southern cane village, Fong-tai's family were waiting for the birth of new family member, but an unexpected change broke the original quiet and beautiful life. In the setback and change, Fong-tai opened up the journey of awakening to find her family and find herself.



Outstanding Artistic Achievement

25th Shanghai International Film Festival

Frame 322.png

International Film Festival of India 2023

Official Selection 

Director's Note

I believe the truly tragic places in this world are not hidden in the dark, but under the hot and dense sun. Sin and suffering get exposed by the broad daylight.

The newborn baby mysteriously disappeared in the magical rain, such an "inspiring event" provides enough suspense and motivation for the development of the whole story, and the story itself is a subtle incision to explore the female survival state. The whole story uses the structure of genre films to set up a smooth narrative text, and uses images with oriental temperament to create a unique atmosphere of the region and the age. The crisis and stakes are escalating step by step, the mystery is opened layer by layer as the protagonist deepens, and when the character completes the highlight moment of the individual versus the group, the truth is plunged into the fog of greater unknowability.

I hope to create such a charming character as Fong-tai, and also hope that her story can bring some resonance and hope to the audience.

CHEN Shizhong

CHEN Shizhong is a director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and a Guangdong native. He graduated from Shenzhen University in 2017. He obtained a full scholarship to attend Shanghai Vancouver Film School, majoring in cinematography. He was selected as one of the top five directors of CFDG Young Director Support Program in 2020.

As a writer-director, his previous works include short films MR. DONG AND HIS GODS, LITTLE WEST SKY, THE END OF THE DAY, etc.

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