In Post-Production

Director: QIU Jiongjiong

Screenwriter: QIU Jiongjiong

Producer: DING Ningyuan

Cinematographer: FENG Yuchao

On a 1980s evening, the topmost clown-actor of the 20th century Sichuan opera, QIU Fu passes away in an accident and half-unwillingly sets off for the Ghost City under the escort of two underworld officials. Along the way, he meets old friends.

As they recall the past, a history of the living is conjured up.

The film opens up crevices in time-spaces and brings together the earthly and the underworld with one mirroring another, through which people traverse the history to continue their tottering and migrating lives.

With an inventive vivace that kicked off cinema’s early days and nourishment taken from silent films, The Neo-New Adventures is produced in a handicraft manner. Painted flats, props, costumes all speak of the art and the artful shapeshifters, a plastic river, a hemp horsetail, and cotton clouds. The film fancies no prosaic speculations, no pompous abstinence, but a clown actor’s spirit and Dionysus’s temperament, making merry regardless.






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The Golden Horse Film Project Promotion 2017

CNC Cash Award

Hubert Bals Fund spring selection 2018

BoostNL 2018 / 2019

QIU Jiongjiong

QIU Jiongjiong, contemporary artist and director, was born in Sichuan, China in 1977. Since 2006, he has experimented in documentary filmmaking with an exploration of cinematic language. His first three documentary features The Moon Palace (2006), Madame (2010), My Mother's Rhapsody (2011) were awarded Best Ten Documentary of the Year at the China Independent Film Festival.


Supported by Sundance’s Grant for Post-production, his latest experimental/documentary feature Mr.Zhang Believes (2015) premiered at Locarno International Film Festival.


The Neo-New Adventures is his first fiction feature.