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A Long Shot


China | Drama , Crime | 114min | Debut Feature

Director: Gao Peng

Screenwriter: Gao Peng, Wang Ang, Wang Wen, Fang Chang Producer: Liu Xiaozhao, Ouyang Yue, Wei Yanan Cinematographer: Lu Yifan

Editor: Matthieu Laclau

Art Designer: Liu Weixin

Sound: Fu Kang

Music: Gao Xiaoyang

Starring:Zu Feng, Qin Hailu, Zhou Zhengjie

With: Feng Lei

Guest Appearance: Shao Bing

导演: 高朋



摄影指导 : 陆一帆


美术指导: 刘维新

声音指导 :富康 

音乐 :高小阳

领衔主演 :祖峰,秦海璐,周政杰 





In the 1980s, in a desolate and secluded small town, a once-renowned sports shooter guards an abandoned factory on the brink of decay. Amidst the turbulent societal changes of the era, the line between order, morals, right and wrong is blurring and reshaping. Everyone had to make choices, while the sharpshooter secretly crafts a gun that only he could wield.



Best Artistic Contribution

Tokyo International Film Festival 2023

Director's Note

The word "gun" in the Chinese context carries multiple connotations. Besides being a weapon, it evokes associations with male genitalia, dignity, a certain sharp and distinctive personality. In the film, Gu Xuebing finds himself in the most critical moment of a massive social transformation in the 1980s. As a former national shooting athlete and a current security officer at a state-owned factory, his skills have lost their purpose.

The rapid development of the country over the past few decades has been like a rocket, constantly shedding weight to soar into the sky. History oscillates between romanticization and judgment, and whether there is a worthy goal in the darkness of the universe remains uncertain. The intention was to create a character who goes on instinctively and stubbornly persisting something without a clear goal. That was the initial idea behind this film.

导演 高朋.JPG

Gao Peng

Born on May 9, 1984, in Beijing, China. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2007. After working as an assistant director for a period of time, he began his career as an advertising director. At the same time, he attempted scriptwriting. Afterwards, he completed several short films and a television series. “A Long Shot” is his directorial debut feature film.

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