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About Midnight Blur Films
关于午夜失焦 ​

MIDNIGHT BLUR FILMS is a film production and service brand that is devoted to developing and producing films with international vision and idiosyncratic style, both commercial and arthouse. Striving to integrate all segments of the global film industry, MIDNIGHT BLUR FILMS also has two subsidiaries: an international sales and film festivals PR company PARALLAX FILMS, and a multi-platform media brand DEEP FOCUS.


The company has agents in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo and its business covers all major film markets and festivals worldwide.

午夜失焦MIDNIGHT BLUR FILMS是一间专注电影内容生产和服务的国际化公司,致力于打造具有全球市场前景,美学风格鲜明的优质商业和艺术电影项目。旗下包括国际发行厂牌 视幻文化PARALLAX FILMS 以及多平台媒体品牌深焦DEEP FOCUS。


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For all general inquiries, please contact us on 

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Production Department

ZHAO Jin 赵晋

Co-founder, Production

XU Jiahan 徐佳含

Co-founder, Production

WANG Xixian 王曦娴

Production & Acquisition Consultant


Sales Department

CAO Liuying 曹柳莺

Co-founder, Head of International sales

WANG Shimiao  王诗淼

Festival Manager

LI Yuwen 李郁文

Feature Films Manager

TAN Shixian 谭诗弦 

Short Films Manager

WANG Yimeng 王翊萌

Acquisition Assistant, Administration

YAN Yu 严宇
Feature Film Assistant 

YANG Yueqiao 杨越乔
Short Film Assistant




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