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​PARALLAX Films - International Sales
视幻文化 - 国际发行

PARALLAX Films is the international film sales and distribution brand of Midnight Blur Films, specialized in the worldwide distribution of quality films and publicity at international film festivals.


Focusing on Chinese-language films and content relevant to Chinese communities, PARALLAX FILMS digs deep into the Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, and South Asian markets, striving to promote outstanding commercial and artistic films to audiences around the globe.


The company has agents in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo and its business covers all major film markets and festivals worldwide.

国际发行厂牌视幻文化PARALLAX FILMS专注代理具有市场前景,美学风格鲜明的作品。以华语片及华人内容为重点,深耕日韩、东南亚、南亚市场,将优秀的商业与艺术电影推广至全世界。



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