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USA |  2021 | 84min | Debut Feature

*** Parallax only handles the festival rights of the film.***

Director: Kit Zauhar

Screenplay: Kit Zauhar

Producer: Kit Zauhar, Andrew Nadkarni, Jason Wang

Cinematography: Owen Smith-Clark

Music: Richard Phillip Smith

Sound: Samantha Morris

Sound Designer: One Thousand Birds

Editing: Kira Dane

Production: Rooster Films, Modern Pleasures


Kit Zauhar, Scott Albrecht, Vivian Zauhar, Isabelle Barbier, Henry Fulton Winship, Audrey Kang, Derek Zheng, Jackson Crook, Shirley Huang, Richard Lyntton, Fraser Jones, Randall Palmer, Lily Hung, Tanya Morgan, Abbey Rowe, Tiye Amenechi, Gabrielle Richardson, Melanie Kleid, Joe Viola

About the film

Kit Zauhar’s first feature, ACTUAL PEOPLE is an adventurous anthropological study of the millennial and Gen Z species. In this boundary-pushing story about twentysomething womanhood, Riley, with clumsiness and frustration, is forced to confront escalating anxieties about her love life, family, and future as a biracial Asian American girl in her final week of college. Amidst a series of personal dramas and relationship fallouts, Riley wanders through the streets of New York at night, drifting through cozy and messy student apartments, participating in a melange of tipsy party conversations involving sex, politics, and race.

Working with a $10k microbudget, this independent production surprises us with all-too-relatable conversations and witty banter, naturalistic performances from the director herself and her friends, and a level of raw, naked vulnerability that never crosses into self-indulgence or narcissism. ACTUAL PEOPLE is an Asian American woman’s mumblecore that gives voice to an up-and-coming generation, with a refreshing and daring filmmaking style that fits the growing pains of the protagonist as she navigates the hazy boundaries of adulthood, gender, and race.



74th Locarno Film Festival

Concorso Cineasti del presente

Mencion Especial Xurado Inter ENG-02.png

Milano Film Festival 2021

International Competition - Aprite Award

Novos Cinemas 2021

Special Mention of International Competition


Slamdance Film Festival 2021

Narrative Features


Kit Zauhar

Kit Zauhar is an Asian-American writer, director, and actress from Philadelphia currently living in Chinatown, NYC. Her work explores intimacy, lust, and humiliation.


She is in pre-production for her second feature, 2 Men 2 Women.



2016 Helicopter (short film)

2021 Actual People 

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