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Another Day of Hope


China | Drama | 130min | Debut Feature

Director: Taifeng LIU

Screenwriter: Taifeng LIU, Zhiling CAI

Executive Producer: Yanyan WU 

Producer: Tong ZHU, Li LI

DOP: Daiyao YAN

Post Production Supervisor: Yong gi-LEE [Korea]

Editor: Bowei YUE

Art Director: Weijun SONG

Sound: Fei GAO


Ningfeng SONG, Xinyi ZHANG, Keyu GUO, Zhihong SUN

导演: 刘泰风











Wei Li, nearly forty years old, is the product manager of an Internet delivery company. His mundane life is carved up by excessive overtime and all-nighters. His wife operates a dance studio, and his adolescent daughter is busily preparing for the high school entrance exam. This seemingly rather peaceful life has been shattered by a sudden accident…


OS_2023-dir debuts-black-ENG.png


Directors' Debuts Competition

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International Film Festival of India 2023

Official Selection 

Director's Note

In my opinion, instead of pushing the expression of images to reveal the trauma and embarrassment of reality, and even ruthlessly criticizing the cruelty of society, I’d rather objectively explain the cause of an event.


The documentation of life is unique to film because it is the result of an unacted, non-staged process. From a realistic point of view, the unmodified images are more intuitive, and they strengthen the affinity of the story itself.

The use of 16mm film is the most suitable medium that I can naturally think of, using documentary shots to explore the real face of the people.

With the open ending of these characters, we are clueless of their unpredictable future. The naturalness of people and the domesticated sense of existence hidden in their mind resonate when drifting with the tide; Thus, the power of this simple image is injected with emotion.

Taifeng LIU

Taifeng LIU was born in 1984 in Nanjing, China. He has studied Media and Communications at Zhejiang University, Film Production at School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and Cinematography at the American Film Institute (AFI). He has worked in the art department for many TV series and feature films. Since 2018, he has written five feature scripts, including his debut feature Another Day of Hope.


Taifeng LIU pays close attention to humanistic subjects and social topics.

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