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Best director



Director 导演 : 张先 ZHANG Xian      Screenplay 编剧 : 张先 ZHANG Xian   

How come a wedding become an irremediable farce? Why does a couple need to exert great effort to get married? What makes their visit to the fiancé’s hometown a nightmare experience? Centering around the preparations for a grand ceremony, Best Director presents a panorama of conflicts between different generations, the liberal ideology and the conservative thinking, and the Northerner and the Southerner of China.

The fictional story originates from the director Zhang Xian’s personal experience. Shooting the film in gauzy black-and-white, he interweaves the various dramas of his characters in a hilarious and dreamy way. The elderly with superstitious beliefs, the obsequious countrymen, the hypocritical old-time classmates and lover, not only exist in the film, but are ubiquitous in Chinese worldly reality.

As a debut feature, Best Director succeeds in making an incisive commentary on everyone’s failure in adjusting to the overly rapid transition that happens in today’s China.

Zhang Xian, born in 1989 in Shanxi province, is a Beijing Film Academy graduate. Best Director is his first feature-length film.

Pingyao International Film Festival

Made In Shanxi

Warsaw International Film Festival

Free Spirit Competition

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