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Borrowed Time


China | Drama | 93min | Debut Feature

Director: CHOY Ji

Screenplay: Yin WANG

Executive Producer: Stanley KWAN

Producer: Jinjin MO

Co-Producer: Shanshan CAO

Cinematography: Shuli HUANG

Production Design: Albert POON, Yick SUM

Editor: Yanan QIN

Sound: Bobo LAU

Music: Summer LEI

Cast: Dongping LIN, Sunny SUN, Eddy AU-YEUNG, Jie PAN, Tai-Bo









美术指导:潘燚森 李信和



主演:林冬萍 欧阳骏 潘 结

特别出演:太保 孙阳



A late summer typhoon looms as Ting’s wedding approaches. Urged on by her mother, Ting sets out from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to look for her father who has been absent for 20 years. On her trip, Ting’s vague memories from the past come back to her. An unexpected encounter leads Ting to find out the truth of her family. She gets in touch with an old friend, Yuseng. They spend a night together at Yuseng's place, both feeling as if they were in a dream, searching for the lost time…



International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024

Bright Future

截屏2023-11-06 17.18.24.png

28th Busan International Film Festival

New Currents Competition


7th Pingyao International Film Festival

Hidden Dragons Competition

Director's Note

There was a sharp distinction between the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong in the late 80s. Some married Hong Kong men looked for secret romances in the Chinese Mainland. Time allows these affairs to become hidden stories, but the secrets left by history produce contemporary emotional turmoil. Except for the complicated background of the 80s, this story has a very clear arc. It is all about a woman’s adventure in three days and two nights. This film is about a daughter who has always been confused about her father. Until one day, she goes to experience the same "borrowed time" and love story as her father. Through it all, she begins to realize fatalities and tenderness in life.


CHOY Ji was born in 1988 in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China.


His short films include Nature’s Kids (2012), Recalling (2013), and A Piece of Time (2014). His works have won the Best Short Film in China Independent Film Festival, and have been selected for the Busan International Short Film Festival and the Tampere Film Festival. Borrowed Time is his first feature film, which was selected to the New Currents secession of the 28th Busan International Film Festival.

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