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Carefree Days


China | Drama | 120min | Second Feature

Director: Liang Ming

Screenwriter:  Liang Ming

Original Story by Ban Yu

Producer: Wu Jueren, Zhu Dan, Zhang Jian

Cinematographer: Wang Meng

Editor: Liu Xinzhu

Art Designer: Huang Jialun

Sound: Fu Kang

Music: B6

Starring:Lyu Xingchen, Li Xueqin, Zhao Bingrui













In Northeast China, Shenyang is a decaying city. Xu Lingling is a 25-year-old girl suffering from uremia whose life has collapsed. At the height of her illness, her dissolute father has returned, with her best friend Tan Na and former classmate Zhao Dongyang, to take care of her. Despite her suffering and thanks to family affection, love and friendship, she feels she still deserves to live. One day, Xu Lingling decides to take a trip and hits the road with Tan Na and Zhao Dongyang.



Opening Night Film at New Directors

71st San Sebastian Festival

29th Athens International Film Festival

Official Selection 2023

7th Pingyao International Film Festival

Hidden Dragon Competition

Fei Mu Awards - Best Actress

Youth Jury Grand Award

Asian Film Festival of Barcelona LOGO.jpeg

Asian Film Festival Barcelona

Official Section

Director's Note

Life is impermanent and impermanence is constant. Life is one moment after another. There are always a few moments in this world that can keep us. Xu Lingling's courage to face her fate comes precisely from those pains in her life. Through reading her attitude towards her existence, we can feel how a beautiful life strives to ignite a small flame of hope in the midst of the cruel whirlwind of fate.


Liang Ming

Born in 1984 in Yichun City, Northeastern China, Liang Ming studied acting in the Communication University of China. He has acted in award-winning films such as “Spring Fever”, “Shadow Days”and “Ripples of Life”. He also worked as assistant director on the film “Mystery”. His directorial debut “Wisdom Tooth” was selected for the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam, the 43rd Gothenburg Film Festival, and won Best New Director at the 14th Asian Film Awards. The film also was awarded the Best Director and Jury Prize at the 3rd Pingyao International Film Festival, Best Director at the 44th Hong Kong International Film Festival, and got theatrically released in France in 2020. “Carefree Days” is his second film as director and screenwriter.

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