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Changfeng town


CHINA / 2019 / 124 MIN / DRAMA

Director 导演 : 王晶 WANG Jing     Screenplay 编剧 :  王晶 WANG Jing   

In her sophomore feature, Wang Jing reconstructs the titular place to express her affectionate nostalgia for her hometown. Changfeng Town is located in an inconspicuous corner of China. A constellation of characters at different ages and of assorted occupations inhabit an imaginary, vibrant, and eccentric world. The townspeople all know one another and are content with life. Airplanes often pass by the town, reminding people of an unknown outside world.

Changing Town is an episodic and lyrical ode to ordinary everyday life. The film is in five intertwining chapters, always filled with joy and sadness but never without hope. A few mischievous boys wander in and out of these little stories, eventually with the coming-of-age and departure of one of these boys.

Wang Jing is a Beijing Film Academy graduate. Crossroads (2007), her debut feature film, won the Jury Prize at the China Independent Film Festival, the Grand Prix at the Beijing Film Academy Golden Words Awards, and was an Official Selection at Rotterdam and Hong Kong. Changfeng Town, Wang’s second project was supported by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Promotion Plan and received the Asian Cinema Fund for script development from the Busan International Film Festival.

7.Xining FIRST International Film Festiv
Xining First International Film Festival


Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival

International Competition Section "Global Images"

Vesoul International Film Festival Of Asian Cinema

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