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China |  2022 | 110min | Debut Feature

Director: ZHU Jie

Screenwriter: ZHANG Chi, ZHU Jie

Executive Producer: YANG Chao

Producer: ZHANG Jian, LI Li

Cinematographer: FU Bo

Editor: LIU Xinzhu

Art Director: LI Xinhe

Sound Supervisor: BIAN Yajun

Music: Wang Wen Band

Starring: Karaka (Gaowa Siqin), LIANG Ji, WU Yulinglong, 

WU Yukun, QIAO Ke, DANG Jian


编剧: 张弛、祝捷

监制: 杨超







主演: 南吉、梁戟、吴玉玲珑 、伍禹坤、乔柯、党剑 

About the film

Qiaoqiao’s daughter suffers from brittle bone disease, a rare illness  impossible to cure and will make her a "porcelain doll" her entire life. Qiaoqiao sacrifices her own career to take care of her daughter, leaving her husband working alone in the factory in the city. As a migrant worker from a low social class, she finds herself stuck with trivial matters, and her life is going further away from what she has imagined.

CLAP YOUR HANDS takes time to build but the verisimilitude of details of family and country life accretes to a powerful portrait of a working-class woman’s journey. It is a story that might resonate with many people. The unexpected events often interrupt our plans and get in the way of our ambitious goals, and the struggles to make a living beat the dreams of youth. Using parallel storytelling, the film shows how Qiaoqiao has changed in a decade.


亚洲新生代官方推介 2.png

Hainan Island International Film Festival 2022

Asian New Director Official Selection

Frame 322.png

International Film Festival of India 2023

Official Selection 

Director ZHU Jie photo.jpg


ZHU Jie is a writer and director from Beijing. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy. His first short film COLOR OF PARADISE won the Best Film Award at Short Shorts Film Festival in 2007. From 2007 to 2017, he has written and directed numerous award-winning documentary films and series.


CLAP YOUR HANDS is his first feature film.

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