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CHINA | 2021 | SHORT | 21min

Director: Zhizi Hao

Screenwriter: Zhizi Hao

Executive Producer: Kek Wang, Zongyi Hao

Producer: Naixin Liang

Cinematographer: Guyuan Ma

Editor: Xiao Ding

Production Designer: Yiling Ding

Sound Recordist: Dezhou Li

Sound Designer: Dominic Fitzgerald

Music: Edward Lun

Starring: Yiyang Shi, Rong Dai




制片人: 梁乃心





声音设计:Dominic Fitzgerald

音乐:Edward Lun




A newly introduced ban on fireworks in a town in the South of China is changing people's lives: The manager of a local firework shop is forced to close his business for good, another business man grasps an opportunity and begins selling electric firecrackers, and a local community leader begins patrolling the neighbourhood, being vigilant for anyone breaking the new ban…

On the Chinese New Year's Eve, an 8-year-old boy, Dian Dian sets out his journey, searching for fireworks. Through his eyes, we see how different people are adapting their traditions under the new regulations, and how Dian Dian finds what he’s looking for, although not what he expected.

Amidst the heat and noise of the most joyful holiday in China, there is a sensational explosion of sounds that draws the entire town into confusion, surprise, and delight. Following an eight-year-old boy’s adventure, this tale of Chinese New Year’s Eve voices the drama ignited by the ban on firecrackers. Simple yet sumptuous, Zhizi HAO’s London Film School graduation film richly portrays the subtle changes that unfold in a small town through a panoply of everyday characters. Beautifully paced with a pleasant twist at the end, A FIRECRACKER STORY gives a unique glimpse into the loss and search for happiness in a swiftly changing world.

Director's Note

In 2016, the Shanghai local government introduced a ban on firecrackers within the Outer Ring of the city. While the intentions are very reasonable, the ban is changing the New Year’s rituals, and people will take time to adapt to this change. By making this short film, ‘A Firecracker Story’, I hope to document this transition, and explore the individuals' experience when faced with a change in the society and history.


Zhizi HAO

Born in 1994 and grew up in Hainan, China, Zhizi HAO is a young filmmaker who gained his first exposure to filmmaking in 2016 on the set of one of the best-selling Chinese blockbusters, Wolf Warrior 2. In 2017, he set off to hone his directing skills at London Film School.


A FIRECRACKER STORY is his graduation film.

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