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DeepFocus Young Criticism Competition


Founded in 2017, the DeepFocus Film Criticism Competition is dedicated to building a platform to stimulate cinephiles’ attention to film appreciation and criticism. It aims to encourage young cinephiles to abandon biased and programmed writing and publish truly independent, innovative, insightful and discursive Chinese film criticism, to promote the healthy interaction between filmmaking and criticism, and to effectively influence people’s way of watching films.


The annual DeepFocus Film c Competition has attracted thousands of participants. After the preliminary and final rounds, one contestant will be selected to win the highest prize of the competition: the opportunity to cover the entire Cannes Film Festival. Over the past four years, the DeepFocus Film Criticism Competition has grown in influence, attracting partners from a wide range of fields, including documentary, publishing, and film production.





2021 · The Fifth Edition

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2020 · The Fourth Edition

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