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China |  2021 | 26min | Short | Sci-Fi

Adapted from the novel THE SONG OF LIFE by WANG Jinkang

Director: QIU Sheng

Screenplay: QIU Sheng

Executive Producer: WANG Hongwei

Production Supervisor: Nanpai Sanshu

General Producer: YE Fangchang

Producers: HU Tianhe, HE Chaoqun, HAN Xiao

Production Company: NP Entertainment

Casting: CAO Xian, XIAO Lizhenzhen, LIANG Jingdong, WANG Zheng










About the film

Late at night, KONG Xianyun and her younger brother Yuanyuan escape from their family house. They trek into an abandoned school, where Yuanyuan’s memories are awakened – the sound of books, piano, and laughter. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire engulfs everything.


Adapted from The Song of Life by the worldrenowned sci-fi writer WANG Jinkang, this speculative short contemplates on the future of AI. Soaked in a never-shredding atmosphere and accompanied by the secret tune of a piano, DOUBLE HELIX tells a gripping story of intelligence robot, family trauma and a pair of run-away siblings who trek into an abandoned school.


截屏2021-07-01 下午5.48.24.png

Shanghai International Film Festival Short Film Competition 

Golden Goblet Award-Best Live Action Short Film


Fantasia Festival

Official Selection

FFG-laurel-Winner International Short Film Award kopie 3-01.jpg

Ghent Film Festival 2021

International Short Film Competition

Best International Short


QIU Sheng

Born in Hangzhou, China, QIU Sheng earned his bachelor degree in biomedical engineering, Tsinghua University, and then Master of Fine Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University majoring in Film Production. His debut feature SUBURBAN BIRDS (2018) premiered at Locarno International Film Festival, and was selected for more than twenty festivals including New Directors / New Films. The film won Best Film at Xining FIRST International Film Festival in China and Novos Cinemas in Spain, NETPAC award at International Film Festival&Awards, Macao and QCinema.

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