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Gods Are Watching

拜拜, 拜拜

China | In Post-Production | Drama | 100min (tbc)

Director: Yesir

Screenwriter: ZHONG Pinghong, Yesir

Producer: HUANG Tingting 

DOP: WANG Jiehong

Editor: YE Xiang

Sound: LI Danfeng


Nina Paw , YUAN Liguo, XUE Qing, YE Qingfeng, Caesar Xing







主演:鲍起静、 袁利国、薛晴、叶清风、幸封燚


In Quanzhou, a historic city where diverse faiths live in harmony, a pious old woman wavers three times in her faith in gods. When faiths clash, a dramatic play lies in store.

Director's Note

The film employs a God’s eye view to present the story of “men seeing gods.” “Circle” in Chinese culture represents completeness, and the full-circle composition in the film intends to tell an incomplete story with a complete composition. Minnan (Southern Fujian to the South of China) is a unique existence in Chinese culture. Its local culture is very close to traditional culture, but also known for its mostly diverse faiths, and thus inspired this thought-provoking satire. I hope to dig deep into the roots of Minnan and Chinese cultures and tell stories saturated with the East spirit.

Director's Photo.jpeg


Yesir was born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, in 1987. He is a young director from the mainland of China known for his crossover careers, while focusing primarily on fashion design. Yesir has won the Best Women's Fashion Design award of ESMOD International (China), and was recognized in a piece by CNN for fashion design.

In 2016, Yesir was selected as 30 Under 30 Asia (The Arts) by Forbes Magazine. Yesir sees film as a fusion of various art forms. In 2015, out of his love for cinema, he chose to study in the literature department of Beijing Film Academy.


KOALI&RICE, his  debut as a screenwriter/director, was selected to Moscow International Film Festival, Pingyao International Film Festival and many others. GODS ARE WATCHING is Yesir's second feature film.

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