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China |  2022 | 90min | Debut Feature

Director: LONG Lingyun

Screenwriter: LONG Lingyun, LIU Xingguo, JIN Junqi

Producer: LIU Lei

Director of Photography: YU Linxuan

Editor: Tom LIN, Matthieu LACLAU 

Art Director: WANG Xiao, ZHANG Haoyang

Sound: ZHU Yunhao

Music: Varqa BUEHRER 

Starring: SHANG Yuxian, YUE Xiaoke, AI Liya, ZHAO Yanguozhang, ZHANG Xinran







声音指导 :朱云浩

音乐 :贝尔


About the film

GROWING APART centers its story on an 18 year-old rebellious skater-boy Cheng Fei who knows nothing about his mother. One day, he finds a notice of a missing girl in his father’s drawer, it was an online friend that he frequented but disappeared two years ago. In his research, he uncovers the dark truth hidden between two families.

This film depicts the fate of ordinary people in the aftermath of family planning by placing the camera on youth in the modern China. During thirty-five years of implement of one-child policy in China, it imprinted several generations with cruelty. The side effect is notably marked by the patriarchal ideology, more sacrifice of women, who become the victim and accomplice of the era.

With a contemporary touch, first-time director Long Lingyun successfully creating vivid characters with simple scenes, dialogues, and music. Accompanied by the nonlinear editing, a seemingly brutal tale of youth gradually turns up to a be tragic social drama. In the end, Cheng Fei reconcile with his father, leaves us a hope, guides us to embrace life with the past on the shoulder.



FIRST International Film Festival 2022


Asian Film Festival of Barcelona LOGO.jpeg

Asian Film Festival Barcelona 2023

Discoveries Section

Director's Headshot.jpeg

LONG Linyu 

LONG Lingyun graduates from College Central Saint Martins with a MA degree in Performance Design and Practice. He is the director of cinematography of the Chilean feature film Still Life with Insects. He has worked for MTD, a pioneering theatre group in the UK, and has participated in the production of several multimedia interactive theatrical videos.


He has worked for ELLE and VOGUE CHINA as video supervisor and commercial director and collaborated with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Chanel, L’Oréal, Avène, Bulgari, H&M, Westin Hotels among others.

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