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CHINA | 2021 | 20mins | SHORT | DRAMA

Director: Ruiqi Li

Screenwriter: Ruiqi Li

Producer: Lei Xu

Cinematographer: Meilin Gao

Editor: Xiaohan Zhang

Art Director: Chenxi Shuai

Sound: Bi Lu

Starring: Haoxuan Wen; Zhaoyue Ye; Qin Wu








主演:温浩瑄, 野兆月, 武芹


After two years, Ayou got back home to get married. Yet the stagnant little town has its own rules. Not long before Ayou’s departure, his father died in an accident during a wedding. Families are still in three-year mourning. A soul retrieval ritual must be held…Time does not simply speed by, but also rewinds, like backrush of waves. Time flows over Hong town, arousing ripples on and on…

Director's Note


This film is the true story of my uncle, and it takes place in my hometown, a land with magic powers. The land seems to have a consciousness of its own, as if time does not work on it, and it binds the people on it with a net woven by tradition. I always remembered the words of my high school teacher, "The more you want to describe the most sincere and passionate things, the more you should use declarative sentences and less interrogative exclamations." I didn't pay attention to it before, but when I started to make films, I realized that some emotions should be written in reverse, the purer and plainer they are, the more moving they are. So I used the most restrained shots to express the strongest emotions. The whole film consists of 28 fixed shots and one handheld shot, like a mirror in which everything is symmetrically spread out.

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Ruiqi LI

Ruiqi LI is a young Chinese director. Before he was admitted to the Graduate School, Central Academy of Fine Arts, he majored in electronic engineering, a field that is completely unrelated to film. Out of his passions upon film and art he taught myself and dream about pursuing a cinematic career. Currently he study Future Media Art at school and he would love to explore the boundaries of different mediums with film. His films focus on personal experiences and emotions.

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