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China |  2021 | 113min | Debut Feature

Director: Dashan KONG

Screenwriter: Dashan KONG, Roy WANG

Executive Producer: Hongwei WANG, Frant GWO

Producer: Geer GONG

Director of photography: Delvaux Matthias

Editor: Shuzhen HU

Art Director: Sinsin GUO

Sound Supervisor: Guodong ZHANG

Music: Zixu SU

Starring: Haoyu YANG, Ailiya, Roy WANG, Chimy JIANG, Chenchen SHENG


编剧: 孔大山、王一通

监制: 王红卫、郭帆


摄影指导: Delvaux Matthias





主演: 杨皓宇、艾莉娅、王一通 、蒋奇明、盛晨晨


About the film

Sharing the same title as Chinese classic literature, JOURNEY TO THE WEST is not a story about the Monkey King, but about an ordinary man's continuous pursuit of UFOs in the Chinese countryside.


TANG Zhijun, editor-in-chief of Space Exploration magazine, together with his fellows, went to investigate the collective sighting of an unidentified flying object in a village called Burning Nest, where a stone ball disappeared from the mouth of a stone lion.

The person in question, SUN Yitong, a young man who speaks and acts strangely and has a talent in writing poems, claimed that he received instructions from aliens, saying that to retrieve the stone ball, they should head to Daliang Mountain.

TANG’s team was suspicious, but until TANG witnessed the miracle of SUN’s prophecy, they decided to follow him and embarked on a long journey to a mine cave about to blast. After a drunken night, TANG was told the truth and saw a sight he had never seen before under the guide of SUN.

The iconic Space Exploration Magazine was a magazine that existed for real in China in the 80s and 90s. It used to arouse the interest of the by-then young generation to explore space and the scientific world.


Based on historical reality,  JOURNEY TO THE WEST is a sci-fi film with a nostalgic style. It combines the vintage aesthetic of realism with the genre by collaging footage of different textures, such as VHS images, vintage television broadcasting images, as well as documentation footage. Deep down inside, it is also a film about chasing faded love.



5th  Pingyao International Film Festival 

Fei Mu Awards · Best Film
Youth Jury Grand Award
Cinephilia Critics’ Award
Hidden Dragons · People’s Choice Awards


51st International Film Festival Rotterdam

Bright Future Section


Osaka Asian Film Festival 2022


截屏2023-01-09 下午6.06.20.png

Jeonju International Film Festival 2022

Cinema Fest


KONG Dashan

KONG Dashan was born in Shandong in 1990. Graduating from the directing department of Beijing Film Academy (MFA), he now lives and works in Beijing. During his school years, he produced several short films, which were selected in many film festivals in China.


JOURNEY TO THE WEST  is his debut feature work.

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