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France, Singapore |  2021

Director: Trương Minh Quý

Screenwriter: Truong Minh Quý

Cinematography: Son Doan

Editing: Nicolas Graux, Truong Minh Quý

Sound Design: Valentine Gelin, Yannick Delmaire

Producer: François Bonenfant

Co-Producers: John Badalu, Xiao Dong Guo



摄影:Son Doan

剪辑:Nicolas Graux,张明归

声音:Valentine Gelin, Yannick Delmaire

制片人:François Bonenfant

​联合制片人:John Badalu,郭晓东


In mining, a slag heap refers to an artificially raised hill consisting of the cleared waste that accumulates during the extraction of raw materials. Birch trees now grow where workers from near and far once went underground to labour hard for very little money. Nowadays, this is a place where men meet to have anonymous sex and share moments of intimacy.


“I think he was gay too,” says one of these men about his father who was a miner. Today, as in the past, those who cannot find shelter elsewhere live here. Home is far away, returning is impossible. Human beings need more than water and a tent.



71st Berlinale 2021 Shorts Competition

Les Attendants_Director.jpg

Truong Minh Quý 

Born in Buon Ma Thuot, a small city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Trương Minh Quý lives and works here and there in the vibrancy of memories and present moments, his narratives and images, lying between documentary and fiction, personal and impersonal, draw on the landscape of his homeland, childhood memories, and the historical context of Vietnam.
He is the alumnus of 2012 Asian Film Academy of Busan International Film Festival and 2016 Berlinale Talents. His films have been selected for international film festivals and exhibitions such as Locarno, New York, Clermont-Ferrand, Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Busan, Les Rencontres Internationales Paris&Berlin. He won the main Art Prize at the 20th VideoBrasil (Sao Paulo) in 2017.
Currently he takes part in Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts in France where he experiments on multiple media: analog 16mm filmmaking and photography with machine learning.


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