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Love Is A Gun


Hong Kong, Taiwan | Drama, Crime | 81min | Debut Feature

Director: Lee Hong-Chi

Screenwriter:  Lee Hong-Chi & Lin Cheng Hsun

Producer: Shan Zuolong; Liao Che-I

Co-producer: Li Xiaoyuan; Andy An

Associate Producer: Han Shuai; Wu Gang

Cinematographer: Zhu Ying Rong

Costume Designer: Lee Chi Wei

Editor: Qin Yanan

Production Designer: Lin Zhi Yun

Sound: Tu Duu-Chih

Music: Bruce Su

Supervising Colorist: Tang Qiang

VFX Director: David Tan

Starring:Lee Hong-Chi (Sweet Potato);

Lin Ying Wei (Seven); Zheng Qing Yu (Lulu); Lin Ke Ren (Maozi); Lee Yu Yao (Chief Lee); Edison Song (Bowei)



Since his release from prison, Sweet Potato has been content with running a small business by the sea and with the meager earnings, heedless of others’ advice against it. He is pulled into the whirlpool of the past when the “boss” he has never met, his mother who thrusts all her debts upon him, and his buddy Maozi re-appear. One coming on the heels of another, they regain control of his life at present and in the future. Only Apple can assuage his anxieties ever so slightly. At the smoggy and oppressive seaside, Sweet Potato is finally granted a meeting with the “boss.” He fires a few shots, with which he attempts to destroy everything that is his, disappear into the ocean, and flee to the opposite shore where Gueishan Island is…



38th Venice Critics' Week 2023

Official Selection_Black.png

Winner of Lion of the Future Luigi de Laurentis Award

for a Debut film at the Venice Film Festival 2023

Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023

Official Selection

Golden Rooster.png

The 36th China Golden Rooster Awards

Screen Shot 2023-12-02 at 12.09.37 PM.png

QCINEMA International Film Festival 

Official Selection


São Paulo International Film Festival

New Directors Competition


36th Tokyo International Film Festival

World Focus

HKAFF Logo_Bi_black_horizontal.png

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2023


Director's Note

About 10 years ago, I was going to interview for the assistant director role in a TV crew, and by coincidence, became an actor. Since then, I have been focusing on acting, though I still want to make my own film.

In 2020, my acting work went on hiatus because of the pandemic, which gave me ample time to reconsider what a “film” of my design might look like. Having thought long and hard about it, I came to understand that only hands-on work could help me figure out the through lines. Thus I organized a humble team of people, who would venture outside with me at the height of the pandemic, to help me realize my first ever feature film.

During the casting process, because we didn’t have an office or a casting director, we had to mask up and scout non-actors from all walks of life. Movements and expressions true to people’s lives, and how they carry themselves at work, are what I wish to recreate and present on the big screen.

Therefore, I set aside the script that was ready to go and acclimatized to “their” life, re-envisioning the story from scratch. These slices of life fascinated me, and from their interactions with each other, I got to witness how the socioeconomic climate of the moment affected everyone else.

This is a society under the context of the post-epidemic era, where people are controlled by a large invisible hand. When there are too many uncontrollable elements, people gradually lose their sense of conviction, and the great turbulence and instability start to dissolve the social values.

This film has been born in such an era, and I want to show a status quo of we people. At the same time, the film manages to expose the social situation which is full of fatalism, absurdity and emptiness.

Lee Hong-Chi

Lee Hong-Chi is a Taiwanese actor.

He is best known for starring in the film Thanatos, Drunk, for which he was named Best New Performer at the 52nd Golden Horse Awards and Best Actor at the 17th Taipei Film Awards, also nominated for Best Leading Actor at the 52nd Golden Horse Awards and Best Newcomer at the 10th Asian Film Awards.

In the past years, he starred in or participated in more than 10 feature films, including Long Day's Journey into Night(Cannes 2018, Un Certain Regard), Cities of Last Things(Toronto 2018, Platform Prize), Baby(San Sebastian & Toronto 2018), Tigertail(Produced and Distributed by Netflix).

Love Is a Gun is his first feature film, written, directed by and starring himself. 

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