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Love song 1980


CHINA | 2020 | 127 min | DRAMA 

Director: MEI Feng

Screenwriter: MEI Feng, LI Yunlei

Cinematographer: ZHU Jinjing

Editor: ZHU Yuanqing

Sound: ZHENG Jiaqing

Music: Zbigniew Preisner

Starring: LI Xian, Jessie LI, MAI Zi

LOVE SONG 1980 is about youth, love, desire, life and death. It is also about the 80s, an era lovingly known as a spiritual utopia and loaded with imaginative nostalgia.


Recognized as an award-winning screenwriter for many LOU Ye’s works, the director MEI Feng intends to seek and create a new narrative of this enticing era in his second directorial feature.

Zhengwen, a college student who exudes a healthy glow of natural and youthful masculinity, vacillates between two different women, one is amicable and mystic, the other is caring and passionate. The ivory tower is not only an exclusive place for acquiring knowledge, but a space where the protagonists get their respective education about love and life.

Using lots of close-up shots and the 4:3 frame, LOVE SONG 1980 provides a subjective yet immersive reminiscence of a youthful past.

导演: 梅峰

编剧: 梅峰、 李云雷

摄影: 朱津京

剪辑: 竹原青


音乐:Zbigniew Preisner

演员: 李现、 春夏、麦子


截屏2020-12-05 下午12.18.30.png
33rd Tokyo International Film Festival

Tokyo Premiere 2020

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2020
Main Competition
Hainan Island International Film Festival 
Main Competition & Opening Film

MEI Feng

MEI Feng is an associate professor at the Beijing Film Academy. He received an MA in Film Studies from the Beijing Film Academy in 1998.


He is Chinese filmmaker LOU Ye’s long-time

collaborator. MEI Feng is the screenwriter for SPRING FEVER (2009), which won the Best Screenplay at

the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. He also co-writes SUMMER PALACE (2006) and MYSTERY (2012).


His directorial debut feature MR. NO PROBLEM received the awards of the Best Artistic Contribution at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival, the Best Adapted Screenplay at the 53rd Taipei Golden Horse Awards.

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