Love song 1980



Director 导演 : 梅峰 Mei Feng   Screenplay 编剧 :  梅峰 Mei Feng/ 李云雷 Li Yunlei 

Set in Beijing during the early 1980s, Zhengwu and Zhengwen are brothers in their twenties, living their most vibrant and youthful years. Zhengwu takes his classmates and younger brother, Zhengwen out for dinner, in which he introduces Mao Zhen and her best friend, Feng Siyi. Zhengwen becomes enamored of Mao Zhen, an amicable, outgoing, and mystic young woman.

Zhengwu accidentally drowns in a lake and dies. Anguished from this loss, Zhengwen enters university, and catches up with Mao Zhen. During the four years, Zhengwen meets the romantic and talented Lao Chai, the passionate Tan Lili who embraces love and life, as well as Chen Qing, a hair salon owner. Upon graduation, Zhengwen ventures to the desolate Inner Mongolia, his mother’s hometown, to experience the another side of life. A surprise visit from Tan Lili rejuvenates Zhengwen, yet a sudden phone call completely changes his life. Zhengwen decides to stay.

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