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Mountain dog



Director : Renai WEI Yongyao

 Screenplay: Renai WEI Yongyao, Jessica ZHAO Huijia

导演 : 韦永垚

编剧 : 韦永垚、赵慧佳  

In a mountain village in southern China, a to-be-constructed highway will penetrate through a cemetery hill. The local government announces that those who voluntarily relocate their deceased relative’s grave can receive a decent amount of subsidy. The priest in the village, Old Huang, and young man Dong, decide to take advantage of this policy.

Inspired by the dog-eating tradition of the area, Mountain Dog features the regional spirit of Southern China. With a touch of magical realism and dark comedy, the film aims at revealing the tension between rigid tradition and modern mentality.


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WEI Yongyao

Renai WEI Yongyao was born in Guangxi, China. As the first Chinese student studying cinemaphotography at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts, Prague (FAMU), Renai follows the mentorship of the Oscar Winning cinematographer Vladimir Smutny. He is working on the pre-production of his feature debut The Priest In The Village, which was selected to HAF 2019 and won the Cinerent Award.

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