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CHINA | 2022 | DOCUMENTARY | 111min

Director: SU Xia, SU Hongyu

Executive Producer:  DU Haibin

Cinematographer:  Su Hongyu

Sound Director:  LI Danfeng

Producer:  HU Jun, WEN Sa

Editor: DU Haibin  SU Hongyu

Main Characters: TANG Naitang , WANG Baodi, TANG Manjiang

导演:苏夏 、苏泓宇




制片: 胡骏、文飒

剪辑: 杜海滨 、苏泓宇



Mr. Tang, 94 years old, is the third-generation descendant of a well-known patriotic historical figure from Qing Dynasty, TANG Rensen. For generations, the Tang family has lived in their ancestry house in the slow-paced town called Taohuawu, Lanxi in the Southern part of China, which has had a glorious past as a water trade market.


However, Mr. Tang’s peaceful life with his wife surrounded by fish, birds, flowers, and trees in his own yard, has been disturbed by the government announcement of the "Old Town Re-construction Plan", and the town that Tang’s family and their neighbors have known and lived for generations has soon lost its vitality.

After 4 years’ research, observation, and interviews with local residents, the director has demonstrated in this documentary the dilemma faced by elderly citizens under the fast-paced urbanization process. Despite its cruel core, the story is told with a touch of subtlety and delicacy. The situation has become even more complicated during the outbreak of Covid-19. The balance between the tradition and the new has always been a tricky issue as the city construction strides on in full speed in China. While embracing the new, it is also important to also think about those who are not so ready to keep up.


Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer 2022



Ethnocineca - International Documentary Film Festival Vienna

Official Selection

director_su xia.png

SU Xia

SU Xia is a professor and the dean of College of Film and Animation, China Academy of Art. His circular-screen work City Square (2010) was presented in the theme pavilion at Shanghai Expo and won many awards at both domestic and international festivals. His short fiction film Derailment (2014) was selected for the 38th Montreal International Film Festival. Director Su Xia's animation short Gold is Eating People (2021) was selected in The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2021 edition, and was also the only Chinese short selected in Annecy International Animated Film Festival's Short Films Competition in 2021.

SU Hongyu

SU Hongyu is a student of College of Film and Animation at China Academy of Art. His previous short films works including PRESENT (12 mins), and WARD BED37 (37 mins).

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