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Red flowers and green leaves


CHINA / 2018 / 96 MIN / DRAMA

Director 导演 : LIU Miaomiao 刘苗苗          Screenplay 编剧 : LIU Miaomiao 刘苗苗, SHI Shuaqing 石舒清

Shot in a village of Hui People, a Chinese Muslim ethnic minority,

Red Flowers and Green Leaves arranges its story around a newlywed couple.


Director Liu Miaomiao,

the female representative of China's "Fifth Generation" Filmmakers

and also the most renowned Muslim director,

returns to Northwest China, 

unfolding the land and its Muslim inhabitants with sincerity and affinity.

It is a film about humanity - granting the mundane existence of ordinary folks with a renewed sense of dignity.

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