Shanghai Swings



Director 导演 : YANG Qijun 杨麒军        Screenplay 编剧 : YANG Qijun 杨麒军  

Caiqin, a country girl, went to Shanghai to see her cousin Meijuan and join her as a dance hostess.

But at that time the national government began prohibiting dance clubs, and the dance hostesses became a problem for the government. Caiqin was arrested and Meijuan threw herself at a director in a high position to save Caiqin. 


During that time, many big changes had taken place in China. The Kuomintang was steadily retreating all over China, while the Communist Party was growing victorious. Communism had an insane plan to make a new kind of human beings. This plan included everyone in China, no one could stay out of it. All the dance clubs were changed to suit the needs of Socialist state. Meijuan answered the call positively and reformed herself to fit in with the new society. She transformed the dance club into a clothing factory. 


Compare to Meijuan, Caiqin could not adapt to the changes and proceeded on a different path. Regardless of whether they did it voluntarily or passively, all the other girls from the dance club had made the change into factory workers. When women started to wear a Mao outfit instead of the Cheongsam, the Mao era began.

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