Sleep Creek


CHINA | 2021 | 15min | SHORT | DRAMA

Director: LIU Shubo 

Screenwriter: LIU Shubo 

Cinematographer: ZHANG Zheng’an

Editor: LIU Shubo 

Art Director: LIU Shubo 

Sound: XU Jingjing

Starring: CHEN Xiaolai; ZHANG Zijie; CAI Aizhen







主演:陈晓莱 张子杰 蔡爱珍


An old woman living alone on a scorching afternoon falls back into the past reminisce, dreams of young oneself, and also dreams of women looking into the mirror for the future herself through the entangled space and time.

Life is but a dream. Waking up in the spinning reality, old woman comes back from the youth already. The love of her life is passing way too long, to the troubles are gone, to the time is passed.

Director's Note


I always obsess about loneliness and loss, perhaps the most serious loss of all is the loss of time. My aunt is about to be 60 years old. She often tells me seriously that she feels like she was 20 years old just yesterday.


How can she turn in this age all of a sudden? The certainty of repetition and the fear in his eyes were real. No one grows old slowly, It's always a sudden. time will be fleeting suddenly. How to soothe her emotion and spirit, or in other words, soothe my loneliness in the future. That's why I made this .

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LIU Shubo

LIU Shubo, director and editor, graduated from film and Television department of China Academy of Art, working and living in Hangzhou. Her short films include MEMORIAL DAY, and SLEEP CREEK. She is now preparing her first feature film FUDONG TOWN HOUSE.