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Sojourn To Shangri-la


CHINA | 2023 | Drama | Short | 19min

Director: Yihan LIN

Screenwriter: Yihan LIN

Producer: Qiancheng Robert GUO

Cinematographer: Yikai Luc WU

Editor: Yihan LIN

Art Director: Xinyi MEI

Recording: Guozhen LI

Sound: Siyang Sophia SHEN

Starring: Yunfei FU, Jun KANG, Jonathan Mulcahy, Lu LI, Zi WANG, Shixian TAN, Qiugui YU











A fashion commercial crew goes to shoot on the beach, only to discover that the installation built in advance has vanished due to the rising tide. Cal, an art assistant who has just entered the industry, has a strong sense of responsibility and self-esteem, and the task of finding the installation falls to her. Through her efforts, a drone flies out to search for the installation over the sea, while taking her into the unknown. The frantic and futile search is eventually transformed into a poetic and phantasmagorical journey.

Director's Note

Two years ago, I worked for a commercial production house. Many times when I exited the vast, closed, and gloomy studio to catch my breath, I could observe a stunning evening sunset in the suburbs that was borderless because of the absence of towering structures. However, no one was interested in such a view, and I had no opportunity to share my trembling. Consequently, the idea of producing a film on this experience emerged. The primary event about the lost installation owing to high tide came from a friend who had worked as an art assistant.



2024  Berlinale Shorts Competition

2023 FIRST International Film Festival Pioneering - Award of Pioneering


2023 Beijing International Short Film Festival- Official Selection

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LIN Yihan

Yihan Lin is a filmmaker and artist based in Shanghai. She received her MFA degree in Cinema Directing from Columbia College Chicago and her BFA degree in Media and Communication Design from Tongji University. She investigates subtle and inexplicable relationships between individuals in the contemporary context, with a particular focus on subjects that are in an insecure, nomadic, and transient state. Her practice is born out of a desire to explore the realm of the agnostic and to construct an ethereal landscape that emerges above the physical space. She is often searching for things that approach eternity in the moment of “here and now”. Her works have been selected for Slamdance Film Festival, Grilla 3° Lima Alterna Festival, Minikino Film Week, ZLÍN Film Festival, etc.

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