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China | France | In Pre-production

Director: CHEN Tao

Screenwriter: CHEN Tao

Producer: ZHAO Jin, LU Bingshu




About the film

20 years after the end of Revolution and the resumption of Gaokao, comes an age of changes, anxieties, and riots: the death of Deng, Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong, domestic economic reform laying off workers. With an admission rate of 40%, the repeating education program is the only way for students rejected by colleges to restart and make a change in their life.


The story happens in such a program held in an abandoned factory in a small town in 1997. Filled with literature and music, it’s about freedom, independence and desire.


THE SUMMER FACTORY received HBF Script and Project Development Grant from IFFR and Aide Aux Cinéma du Monde from CNC. The project was also selected to Asian Project Market at Busan IFF, Cinéfondation Atelier, and Golden Horse Film Project Promotion.


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Aide Aux Cinéma du Monde from CNC

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Cinéfondation Atelier

截屏2021-01-18 下午10.07.43.png

HBF Script and Project Development

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Golden Horse Film Project Promotion

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Asian Project Market at Busan IFF



CHEN Tao graduated from Beijing Film Academy and is selected to founding class of Golden Horse Film Academy. As both screenwriter and director, his short film WAY OUT (2007) won the second prize of Cinéfondation at Cannes, and GREAT HEAT (2014) was selected to short film competition at Venice. He co-directed the documentary YULU (2011, executive producer: JIA Zhangke). His other short films include OUTSIDE XI'AN (2008, executive producer: JIA Zhangke), XIAOZHEN'S GIRLFRIEND (2009, executive producer: HOU Hsiao-Heisn).


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