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China |  2021 | Debut Feature

Director: Yuehua WANG

Screenwriter: Yuehua WANG

Producer: Miaomiao HUANG

Music: Wenwei WANG

Cinematographer: Yanpei LI

Editor: Yuehua WANG

Starring: Yangshik Tso, Sonam Nyima(Suolangnima)

Junjie LI, Xinran LI 









About the film

A writer-director HE Gu and his girlfriend live a tedious life. While looking for inspirations for his new script, he meets the girl moving in next door and encounters a Tibetan young man and an actress at the bar. He incorporates these people into his script as the reality and the story world start to intertwine.


The story is set in Shanghai, an international big city. Our protagonists, especially the Tibetan young man, come here with simple hopes. By presenting their changes and their complicated and subtle relationships with each other, the story manifests how the metropolitan experience influence individuals.


THE DISTANCE BETWEEN ME AND MYSELF is not a conventional film. It uses a realistic tone to explore the abstract concepts of memory, imagination, and dream. As a first-time director, WANG took on the challenge and constructed a world that blurs the boundaries between the imaginary and the reality as well as past and present. We are immersed and stuck in the time cycles with the characters, unable to figure out what is the truth and keep wondering how things have turned out to be like this. But instead of hiding inside the fictional world that we create for ourselves, the film offers another option – we could use memories and dreams as tools to explore the meanings of the reality. Having the courage to face and accept our true selves may be the only things we need to break the cycles and free us from the past.


WANG Yuehua

WANG Yuehua, young contemporary video artist based in Shanghai. He created the closing film of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the international promotion film REAL FACES OF FUJIAN for Fujian Province. He has collaborated with domestic and international contemporary artists, and has also worked with various international brands on their brand films.

THE DISTANCE BETWEEN ME AND MYSELF is his feature film debut.

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