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China |  2021 | 21min | Short 

Director: SONG Zhanfei

Screenwriter: SONG Zhanfei

Producer: LIANG Naixin

Cinematographer: LIU Tong

Art Director: SU Aoya

Casting:  XING Fengyi, ZHU Zhu, DUO Le, BAI Renzhuo






主演:幸封燚 、朱珠、多乐、白韧卓

About the film

Shortly after The Third Solar Term of the Chinese Calendar (惊蛰 jingzhe), Qizhe Sun returns home to spend the spring break with his mother, whose constant lecturing, however, makes him rebellious. When his mother unexpectedly catches him at his secret rendezvous with a red-haired young man, the supposedly relaxing homecoming turns into a turbulent identity crisis—one which forces him to come to terms with his growing homosexuality and his desire to be the perfect son.


Brewing in the subtly violent mood of adolescent romance, this coming-of-age short film is a deep dive into a homosexual teenager’s increasingly complicated world. It gives an unflinching look at teen sex and family lies—the little secrets that define the overwhelming thing called puberty.



Busan International Film Festival 2021

Wide Angle: Asian Short Film Competition


OFF-Odense International Film Festival 2022

International Competition


19th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival 2022

International Professional Competition Program

IO_Laurels_2022_Official Selection_Black.png

Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival 2022 

Official Section 


Beijing Queer Film Festival 2022

Wicked Queer: Boston's LGBTQ + Film Festival 2022 Official Section 

Roze Filmdagen(Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival) 2022  Official Section 


SONG Zhanfei

Song Zhanfei is a young Chinese filmmaker, currently lives and works in Beijing. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), where he has developed an eclectic style through his practice of diverse video forms. His earlier works mainly aim to criticize traditional cultural values. Song also holds a MA from London Film School. During his years at LFS, he worked as the cinemaphotographer and editor on several short films including JOANS IN THE THREE COLORS, THE FRAME, and AKROBAT, which have been screened at numerous films in Europe and Asia.

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