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The Bee and the Fly


CHINA | 2023 | Animation | Short | 7min

Director: Xia SU

Screenwriter: Yantong ZHU, Xia SU

Art Director: Lianhua CHEN

Producer: Hongyu SU, Sa WEN

Storyboard: Chen CHEN

Animator: Chen CHEN, Yi LI, Siyu HUANG, Xinman YUAN, Shihao JIN

Post-production: Yantong Zhu

Production Coordinator: Yingjie Hao

Recording Director: Sheng Ma

Sound Design: Infinite Sound Studio




制片:苏泓宇, 文飒

分镜: 陈晨

动画: 陈晨, 李懿, 黄思宇,袁心满, 金世浩

后期: 朱彦潼

统筹: 郝英洁

录音指导: 马晟

声音: 声无界


The innocent Bee came to live in a big city, blending himself with the scheming Fly into the local corrupt officialdom day and night, witnessing all kinds of strange things in this world. After encountering many absurd events, the Bee gradually turned into a parasite just like his friend.

Director's Note

This is a borderless allegory that exposes and satirizes the corruption of the privileged. Corruption is an expansion of human inflated ideas of privilege with uncontrollable desires, and If power is alienated into privilege, no matter where it appears, there will be corruption and extravagance. The animated short film, The Bee and The Fly, with biting irony, seeks to reveal society’s absurdity through the eyes of two little insects, to bring into light the human world’s arrogance, extravagance, corruption and lewdness. The ugly underbelly of "high society" is exposed through the little insects’ encounters in the city, inviting people to contemplate on the scale of desire and the bottom line of morality.


The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival

Best Short Film, Animated


2023 World Festival of Animated Film Varna

2023 FIRST International Film Festival-Official Selection

2023 Mǎo International Film Festival – Best Film Editing


2024 Psaroloco International Children's & Young People’s Film Festivals


SU Xia

SU Xia is a professor and the dean of the College of Film and Animation, China Academy of Art. His circular-screen work City Square (2010) was presented in the theme pavilion at the Shanghai Expo and won many awards at both domestic and international festivals. His short fiction film Derailment (2014) was selected for the 38th Montreal International Film Festival. His last animation short Gold is Eating People (2022) was selected in a number of prestigious festivals, including the 26th Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, and Fest Anča International Animation Festival.

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