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The Great Phuket 


France, Hong Kong, China, Germany, Belgium | Drama | 97min | Debut Feature

Director: Liu Yaonan

Screenplay: Liu Yaonan

Producer: Cyriac Auriol & Shan Zuolong

Cinematography: Liu Yaonan

Production Design: Aurelien Kraft & Zhao Xuying

Editor: Sarah Saunier & Liu Yaonan

Sound: Li Fan & Ange Hubert

Music: Aurelien Kraft

Cast: Li Rongkun, Yang Xuan, You Junwen


Kunming, a post-industrial city in continental China, Li Xing (14 years old) and his family live among the ruins in the only remaining building of The Great Phuket a neighborhood in complete reconstruction. Li doesn't fit in the atmosphere of his middle school. He only has one friend. He also met the most popular girl of the school who he likes a lot... At home, Li doesn't get along with his mother and refuses to accept his stepfather. One day he finds shelter in an underground pass way of old Kunming where he can escape his teenage life and where strange things happen...



Generation K+

2024 Berlin International Film Festival 

Director's Note

When I was a teenager, there was a smelly river not far from my home. On the other side of the river was a small village. This world is separated by a wall, it is both a paradise and a hidden danger. At the time, all my adventures and daydreams were linked to it. The villagers rent out their self-built houses, the rent is not very expensive and a large number of people from other cities, regions and border countries flock to them. Here, in a single house, we can support a hundred people. The story of youth I am talking about is the process of a teenager who is slowly finding and defining himself. Li Xing begins to wonder what kind of person he will become. So he needs to find references in this vague adult world, he looks for them in the person he lives with and meets. Like the Great Phuket neighborood, he breaks down, dismantles, goes through hardships and then rebuilds himself.

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Liu Yaonan

After graduated from Beijing Normal University (Bachelor of Cinema), Yaonan worked as set photographer, making-of director and assistant director. In 2013 he came to France where he continued his study of fine art, he got his French National Art Diploma in 2016.


The Great Phuket is his first feature film.

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