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The Reincarnated Giant


China |  2021 | 18min | Short | Sci-Fi | Animation

Adapted from the novel THE REINCARNATED GIANT by WANG Jinkang

Director: Han YANG

Screenwriter: Han YANG

Executive Producer: Hongwei WANG

Producer: Tianhe HU, Chaoqun HE, Xiao HAN

Cinematographer: Guodong YU

Editor: Han YANG

Art Director: Han YANG

Sound: Sheren HUANG,  Shuqian WEI

Music: Chenye WU





制片:胡天禾 何超群 韩啸

摄影指导: 余国东





About the film

Billionaire Mr. Konkai decides to reincarnate himself into a giant baby, and it has become a God-like figure whose breathe and growth become all human being's only living purpose. Mankind seems to be finally united again ever since the nuclear war that has destroyed the world, yet the heavy labour and exploitation have also slowly nurtured rebellion.

With its futuristic visual style yet well-balanced realistic rendering, The Reincarnated Giant is director Yang Han's first sci-fi animation work after studying in two of the best animation film schools in China and France.


Adapted from a novel written by Chinese sci-fi guru Wang Jinkang, it tells a provoking dystopia story in a cyberpunk wasted city that ponders on the existence of human beings at the dying moment of civilisation. It strikes a question that is core to mankind, what is the difference between human beings and animals when the seemingly basic living conditions are no longer available? What is more important when the world is dying? Is it more significant to sustain minimum survival or to die with dignity?

Director's Note

What I’m trying to do with this story is to provoke thinking on the following issues: How all human beings could be seen as a whole? What’s the significance of willpower? How to survive upon confronting with things that mankind could hardly overcome? How should one choose what to keep and what to let go of? What is more important? Is it survival at a minimal level? Or one’s dignity that shall not be terrified by death? What’s the difference between humanity and the animality? I hope this short film could possibly bring a new perspective.


Laurel FECIBogota_Español 2022.png

FECIBogotá - International Independent Film Fair of Bogotá

International Competition


18th Athens Digital Arts Festival | FutuRetro 2022

Official Selection

KAS Laurel_Black.png

Kaş International Short Film Festival 2022

International Competition

Leiria Film Fest.png

Kaş International Short Film Festival 2022

International Competition


NOX FILM FEST Salto International Horror and Fantasy Film Fest 2022

International Competition


International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival 2022

Official Selection International 


Animotion Film Festival 2022

Han Yang-The Reincarnated Giant Director Photo.jpg


Born in 1992, in Nanjing, China, Han finished his B.A in animation in Communication University of China in 2016, and then completed a M.A degree in animation in les Gobelins, France 2018. He is currently working towards a Ph.D in Art and Science in the Communication University of China, and THE REINCARNATED GIANT is his 4th animation short film.

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