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The Reunions


CHINA | 2020 | 76 MIN

Director: Chengpeng DONG

Screenwriter: Chengpeng DONG

DOP: Hu Gao, Shiqin Wang

Editor: Jinlei KONG, Chengpeng DONG, Zhenhui REN

Production Designe: Yuanchun XIE

Art Director: Guanlin LIU

Sound Designer: Xu DONG, Jia ZHANG

Starring: Chengpeng DONG, Lu LIU





美术指导: 刘冠麟 




In his third directorial filmThe Reunions, DONG Chengpeng, known professionally as Da Peng, challenges the public’s expectation of him as a commercial director. DONG came up with the idea to make an arthouse film about  how his grandmother would celebrate New Year’s Eve in the rural hometown.


However, the unexpected death of the old lady upset all plans. Since the family members gathered and prepared themselves for shooting, DONG decided to keep going. The film is thus DONG’s personal farewell to a loved elder and offers an affectionate gaze at his family.

DONG made a short titled The Final Reunion in 2018, which was awarded the best short at Golden Horse Award. The feature-length The Reunions is an expansion and extension of the short with whimsical and touching twists. And it further blurs the boundary between fiction and documentary, provoking thoughts on the meaning of family and also the conflicts between different generations.


2020 Shanghai International Film Festival

Golden Goblet Award Official Selection

DONG Chengpeng(Da Peng)

Released in 2015, Da Peng’s directorial debut Jianbing Man grossed a staggering 150 million USD. Two years later, City Of Rock, his second film as a director, set the record for the highest-grossing Chinese musical film of all time. The Reunions is his third feature film and also the most personal work.

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