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Thirteenth Night


CHINA | 2023 | Thriller, Suspense | Short | 15min

Director: Rachel SONG

Screenwriter: Rachel SONG

Producer: Zhou LU

Visual Director: Chi ZHANG

Sound Supervisor: Qi LIU







After receiving a call from her late fiancé, an unknown force starts to disturb Xiaoxue's normal life.

Director's Note

People eat, pray, and love, on their smartphones. In the era of information explosion and emotional anxiety, how can we create a new method of storytelling to deliver the most sensible reality? Is there a possibility for SOUND, as a medium, to tell a story without visuals generated by cameras? In THE THIRTEENTH NIGHT, the story reveals itself through private phone calls, the auditory senses of the audience synchronize with visuals in the style of Ryoki Ikeda, creating a flow of changing frequencies. In the suspenseful narrative, according to the characters’ arcs and story beats, we use the montage of auditory points to create an immersive experience for the audience. When a phone call, a signal, a frequency, or a supernatural sound breaks into our lives, the secrets of human nature start to unravel.



2024 CLERMONT-FERRAND International Short Film Festival


2023 FIRST International Film Festival Pioneering - Official Selection

HiShorts! 实验单元入围桂冠标识-黑.png

2023 HiShorts! International Short Film Festival - Experimental Competition

Director photo.jpeg

Rachel SONG

Rachel Xiaowen Song, director, writer & producer, Variety “10 Producers to Watch 2018”, Screen International “Future Leaders 2018”. Dual BA degree in Film Production and Philosophy from Peking University, Master’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Management from Pratt Institute and Entertainment Industry Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Rachel has founded her own film production and financing company XS Media in 2017. The company has produced feature films A Kid Like Jake (2018) and Sundance award winner Nancy (2018). Rachel’s first Chinese-language feature film Summer Knight has won Asian Future’s Best Film Award at 2019 Tokyo International Film Festival, starring Lu HUANG, Lingchen JI and Ludi LIN. 

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