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CHINA | 2022 | 109min | Drama

Director: WANG Xide

Screenwriter: WANG Xide

Producer: SI Niang, ZHAO Jin





Encounters and partings between seven men and women of very different backgrounds intersperse this story, accompanied by a vagrant bebop. Chen Jin runs a cafe where Qian and Sheng worked as part-time helpers. Qian, who now studies in Japan, still speaks to Chen Jin via video calls. One day, Chen mentions that the coffee shop may have to close down because of the pandemic.

Sheng and Jing meet in the cafe and fall in love. On the day of their breakup, Jing goes to an audition for a science fiction play by female director 7. At their first rehearsal together, the dialogue between Jing and 7 seems to build a huge transparent fortress. Outside the theatre, 7’s lover and her soon-to-be ex-husband are both waiting for her. Her lover affectionately gazes at her, while her soon-to-be ex-husband waits with their divorce agreement.

7 and Jing go to Chen Jin’s cafe after the rehearsal. They chat and agree to do a second rehearsal. From here, the story unfolds and moves towards a very different outcome in a destructive manner.



The Hong Kong – Asia Financing Forum (HAF)

WIP 2022



FIRST International Film Festival 2022


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WANG Xide majored in Film theory at Bournemouth University, UK. He is currently based in Changzhou, China, a small city built and developed by the riverside of the Great Canal, where he was born and raised. His debut feature A CHAT (2021) is selected to Vancouver International Film Festival, Cario International Film Festival, and many other festivals. A CHAT won the Best Film at Chongqing Youth Film Festival. VAGRANT BEBOP is his second feature film.

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