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China | In Pre-Production

Director: ZHU Xin

Screenwriter: ZHU Xin, ZHAO Jin

Producer: ZHAO Jin




About the film

LU Mingming’s mother fell ill all of a sudden. Her family had to take turns looking after her. News of her son’s death, flew overseas to the family, only adding to the misery. To prevent things from getting any worse, the family decided to conjure up a story to hide the truth, writing weekly replies in LU Mingming’s stead. It was in those letters that a story of revenge for his father, spanning half a year, unfolded.

To patch up the story they created, the family looked back at the past of their not-so-familiar relatives, and into the fate of the southern family over the last half century. Everything seemed to be going their way, until an unexpected letter arrived…

ZHU Xin did his initial exploration on the genre of thriller in his debut feature, VANISHING DAYS, and in this new project, he will take a step further to explore crime and family drama, in a poetic way, and seeks for the possibility of balancing art and commerce. The story of WHO IS SLEEPING ON MY PILLOW happens in China and Centuria, a land of imagination created by the director.

It’s a strange world, a space with a huge misplacement and gap with nowadays China in terms of geography, language and time. Through this seemingly wild combination, ZHU Xin is eager to established his own aesthetic world, a brand-new Chinese film as well as international film.


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Rotterdam CineMart 2020


Hong Kong - Asian Film Financing Forum 2019

Artention-Vanke Film Award

HAF_Who Is Sleeping On My Pillow_Directo


ZHU Xin, born in June, 1996, graduated from China Academy of Art in 2018. His debut feature, VANISHING DAYS(2018), was selected to Berlinale Forum, Busan International Film Festival New Currents, and screened at more than 30 international film festivals, including Hong Kong, Taipei, Marrakech, Sofia and Vienna.
He is now preparing for his second feature, WHO IS SLEEPING ON MY PILLOW, which was selected by Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum 2019, Award WU Tianming Film Fund for Young Talents 2019 and Rotterdam’s CineMart 2020, which made the only project from China in 2020. It was also awarded Project of the Year by Zhejiang Youth Film Festival – New Directors. In addition, ZHU Xin and his collaborators’ installation artwork, WEST LAKE COLLECTION is on exhibition at CAA Art Museum.

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