China | Japan | Korea | In Post-production 
Director: ZHANG Lu
Screenriter: ZHANG Lu
Starring: NI Ni, ZHANG Luyi, XIN Baiqing
SOSUKE Ikematsu, RYOKO Nakano

YANAGAWA centers around a pair of brothers with very different personalities, Lichun and Lidong and their trip together to Yanagawa, Japan. They intend to find the woman they both loved in their youth. For a long time, ZHANG Lu has been making films in collaboration with multinational production systems in China, South Korea, and France.


His work travels East Asian countries, traverses geographical boundaries, and explores different cultural, political and emotional spaces. In Yanagawa, together with his brilliant leading actors, ZHANG Lu will continue his unique approach by tackling the issues of East Asian identity and the impact of history through the prism of a love story that blurs memory with the present.


YANAGAWA is the first Chinese film of director ZHANG Lu after producing Korean titles for over ten years. The film stars famous Chinese actors NI Ni (top Chinese star known for her collaboration with ZHANG Yimou in THE WAR FLOWERS, Japanese actor Sosuke Ikematsu (KILLING 2019 Venice Competition, SHOPLIFTERS- 2018 Cannes Palme d’Or).



ZHANG Lu was born in Yanbian, China in 1962 with his parents and grandparents are from Korea. He studied Chinese literature at Yenben University and began writing poetry and novels in 1986. ZHANG Lu has been working as a filmmaker since 2001.


ZHANG Lu’s feature films have been selected for international film festivals such as Cannes (GRAIN IN EAR, 2001), Berlinale (FUKUOKA, 2019; DOOMAN RIVER, 2010; DESERT DREAM, 2007) and Locarno (GYEONGJU, 2014), etc.

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