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Remembering Every Night, selected to Forum section at the 73rd Berlinale, is the latest film from Yui Kiyohara.

The film had its North American Premiere at the 52nd edition of New Directors/New Films and later received JURY SPECICAL MENTION at the Forward Future Section of the 13th Beijing International Film Festival.


Follows three women over the course of one day as they move in and around Tama New Town, Remembering Every Night is a film built around the quotidian: appointments at the job centre, bus rides, cycling, the pleasure of seeing early summer blooms in the park or glimpsing ever-new perspectives on utilitarian architecture.

“Remembering Every Night” wanders through the everyday life of several female characters. A visit to the employment office, practicing dance steps in the park, making music with friends: All this and much more is captured in long shots, with a slow pace and a superb sense of place. A film like a summer day, bright, friendly, with an occasional chill.

--Cristina Nord (head of the Berlinale Forum)

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