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Executive produced by renowned filmmaker Stanley Kwan, directed by emerging director Choy Ji, Borrowed Time is a delicately crafted emotional journey that  follows a woman who travels from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to search for her long-missing father, only to find herself involved in a secret love affair similar to that of her parents decades before.

Borrowed Time firstly competed in the New Currents section of the Busan International Film Festival and then face its domestic audience in the Hidden Dragons competition section of China’s Pingyao International Film Festival.

A late summer typhoon looms as Ting’s wedding approaches. Urged on by her mother, Ting sets out from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to look for her father who has been absent for 20 years.

On her trip, Ting’s vague memories from the past come back to her. An unexpected encounter leads Ting to find out the truth of her family. She gets in touch with an old friend, Yuseng. They spend a night together at Yuseng's place, both feeling as if they were in a dream, searching for the lost time...

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